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Direct to Consumer Market Access
If you have ever shopped at a Farmers Market or stopped by a farmstand you have purchased through a direct-to-consumer market. These market channels are important for farmers, ranchers and value-added producers throughout Colorado. These market channels include Farmers markets, Farm stands, Community Support Agriculture boxes (CSAs) and freezer sales. We work on improving these markets so that these market channels are profitable outlets for producers. We have many different programs and projects that we undertake to help these producers.
Direct-to-Consumer Market Research

In 2016 we received a USDA Farmers Market Promotion Program grant (FMPP) to assess our local direct-to-consumer markets, make recommendations on how we can improve these markets and finally implement these recommendations. The ultimate goal of this grant project is to increase farm viability and profitability in our region.

Farmers Market Coordination and Development

Farmers Markets are an important market channel for local farmers and an important gathering spot for communities throughout Northern Colorado. To help coordinate and improve these markets every year we bring together market managers to discuss the challenges that they face and how other markets have overcome many of these similar challenges