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Food Access

Food Access

Access to healthy, fresh, Colorado grown food is a challenge that many of our community members face. We work with many of our local farms to ensure that they can provide fresh local food to our community members in need. All of our programs and projects are working toward creating a vibrant and equitable local food system right here in Northern Colorado. Our expertise is in creating a vibrant local food system, and are grateful that we can collaborate with local food access and food justice organizations to make sure that our food system is open to all members of our community.  

Kaiser Permanente Food Insecurity Grant 

We are part of a cohort of 20 different organizations up and down the front range that are working with Kaiser Permanente to reduce food insecurity throughout Colorado. Through this grant we work to increase enrollment in Larimer County in the USDA Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, reduce stigma around food assistance, and increase the amount of SNAP benefits that are being redeemed at our local Farmers Markets and Farmstands. 

 Colorado Double Up Bucks  

We participate in the Colorado Double Up Bucks program coordinated by LiveWell Colorado. For every SNAP dollar spent at our winter market we match that with a Double Up Buck (up to $20) funded by a USDA Fini grant. In addition, we as an organization also match every SNAP dollar at our market (up to $20). This means a SNAP recipient can come to our market with $20 in SNAP benefits and end up with $60 that they can spend on Colorado food products.